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Workshops for Girls and Women

BEYOND TRAUMA (Workshops for Women) 18yrs of age and up

In these sessions women come together to value and develop understanding of our history of trauma, in a safe environment. We will work through a workbook that consists of topics and exercises that will give us more understanding of what our bodies do when trauma is not taken care of and healed appropriately. Your group becomes your safe place to talk, listen and to support and be supported by other like-minded women.

VOICES (Workshops for Girls) 12yrs to 18yrs

Together we explore all of our uniqueness as we wake up our voices in a safe place. We learn about relationships, how to care for ourselves, physically, mentally and spiritually. We will also talk together, about what friends are and how to protect our bodies, which is our temple. We will learn how to ground and stay calm in challenging situations.


Women coming together to do the Twelve Steps, which Stephanie Covington, has so wisely put together. Stephanie realizes that we are different in how we heal vs how men come into their healing, in AA.

**Ricki's trainings were facilitated by Stephanie S. Covington.


A prevention education program for Native American girls age-8-12 (DOT I) and age 13-17 (DOT II). It is designed to coincide with the school year and also to extend over the summer months.

The primary theme of the DOT I Program is "being good at something, being good for something."

The primary theme of the DOT II program is "developing an identity as a Native American woman."

Each program is based upon the teachings of Native American Elders and Clan Mothers.

Facilitators are trained in a three day program that introduces them to the principles, laws, and values that form the basis of the program, options for using the curriculum, and how to use talking circles and mind mapping, which are integral to the training program.

WhiteBison.org: Native American Wellbriety and Culture Based Community Healing Programs

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